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Easy methods to Get Rid of Pantry Bugs the Pure Manner

Questioning easy methods to eliminate pantry bugs with out dangerous chemical substances? Attempting to keep away from pantry bugs from organising camp in your kitchen? Trying to establish pantry bugs, equivalent to forms of ants, fruit flies, moths, and weevils? We’ve received you coated with these unhazardous methods to guard your pantry from bugs.

Opening up a bag of grains or pulses and discovering a community of bugs transferring round may be some of the irritating issues to find in your pantry. It’s not solely an inconvenience, as discovering pantry bugs can disrupt your menu plans for the night time, nevertheless it can also influence your price range on account of destruction of meals. It may be tempting to spray chemical substances and set traps to rid your kitchen of those pests, however there are strategies which might be extra pure and safer. In case you’re trying to restore peace in your kitchen oasis and preserve your loved ones and furry pals secure from ingesting chemical substances and inhaling disagreeable fumes, then attempt a few of these pure pantry bug safety steps at this time.  

Forestall Pantry Bugs within the First Place

The primary technique of protecting pantry bugs away ought to all the time be prevention. You may forestall bugs from occupying your kitchen by blocking entry factors equivalent to holes and window openings, in addition to protecting counters and cabinets clear and freed from particles that may appeal to bugs.  

One other technique to forestall an infestation of pantry bugs is to solely purchase what you want. Not solely will this get monetary savings and forestall meals waste, nevertheless it additionally helps decrease the danger of pantry bugs remaining undetected in your unused groceries. At all times observe the first-in, first-out technique. That means that your older pantry gadgets needs to be pushed to the entrance in order that they get used up extra shortly, and the newer purchases ought to go within the again. Keep in mind, pantry bugs are sometimes drawn to shelf-stable meals with an extended shelf-life, equivalent to grains, crackers, pulses, nuts, seeds. 

Retailer your pantry meals in sealable, hermetic containers to keep away from pantry bugs. You’d be shocked to see how pantry bugs can entry the tiniest opening in a bag of flour, and even chew their method by way of plastic and paper packaging. In case you are experiencing pantry bug issues, attempt transferring shelf-stable meals, equivalent to flours, grains, pulses, nuts, seeds, crackers, and cereals, into sealable, hermetic containers, equivalent to glass jars with tightly becoming lids. I really like to make use of completely different sizes of mason jars (small, medium and huge) with screw high lids in my pantry to maintain it tight! 

Easy methods to Get Rid of Pantry Bugs the Pure Manner

Try these kinds of widespread pantry bugs with a view to assist establish them and preserve these bugs away out of your meals with these pure ideas.  

  • Fruit Flies. In case you’ve ever been in a busy kitchen in the summertime time, you’ve in all probability needed to swat away your justifiable share of fruit flies. What do fruit flies appear like? These tiny (3-4 mm lengthy) flies have a tan thorax, black and grey stomach, and pink eyes. The place do fruit flies come from? Fruit flies are drawn to ripe produce; they get into your own home, feed off fermenting meals, and lay their eggs close by. How lengthy do fruit flies reside? It solely takes about eight days to develop from egg to grownup. Preserve fruit flies away by blocking their entry (home windows and doorways), placing away ripe fruit, and sealing trash in an hermetic container. The easiest way to rid your kitchen of fruit flies is to arrange an answer with vinegar or wine the place you see them most frequently.

  • Ants. Along with being carriers of micro organism, many forms of ants, from large to small, can create havoc in your pantry. Earlier than you spend cash on an exterminator, examine your cupboards for pure protection, together with: black pepper, peppermint, and low grounds, that are a number of pure components that may assist destroy and deter ants. Most significantly, retailer your meals in hermetic containers to keep away from ant infestations. And do not forget that ants are drawn to candy meals, so pay explicit consideration to sweets and sugars.

  • Pantry Moths. These small pests are drawn to dry items, equivalent to flour and grains, and lay their eggs inside open containers. You may spy tell-tale webs and larvae of infested pantry moth meals gadgets. One technique to circumvent a moth infestation is to retailer your dry items within the freezer quickly or completely. If you have already got a moth infestation, the easiest way to eliminate them is to discard (compost!) any infested dry items and provides your pantry a deep clear earlier than investing in hermetic containers for all dried items. Upon getting your pantry underneath management, look ahead to proof of pantry moths that flutter about your kitchen.
  • Weevils. Similar to moths, weevils are drawn to dry items, like grains, nuts and beans. As soon as a weevil hitches a trip from the shop and into your pantry, they could lay eggs inside of dry items. After this occurs, contaminated gadgets must be thrown away and the world of infestation needs to be completely cleaned. As soon as your pantry is underneath management and your merchandise are saved in hermetic containers, attempt putting dry bay leaves, cloves, and complete black peppercorns in your pantry to assist deter weevils.  

Written by Sharon Palmer, MSFS, RDN with Cara Joseph, Dietetic Intern 


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