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Snacking Earlier than Mattress Can Have an effect on Sleep High quality — This is Why

When you’re chasing a very good evening’s sleep, you could concentrate on what you are able to do all through the day to encourage higher relaxation. Placing your screens away earlier than settling into mattress, chopping off caffeine early within the day, and dabbling in sleep-supporting dietary supplements are all A+ choices. Some folks say sure meals may even encourage higher relaxation, however when is the most effective time of day to eat them?

On a current episode of the mindbodygreen podcast, we sat down with Ben Bikman, Ph.D., a metabolic scientist with a doctorate in bioenergetics and creator of Why We Get Sick, to talk all issues blood sugar stability. Within the episode, Bikman shares some essential recommendation for these seeking to obtain higher relaxation. Right here, his go-to tip. 



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