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Stretching for Put up-Trip Restoration – PezCycling Information

In right this moment’s toolbox article, I wished to spend a while specializing in a side of our health that every one too many cyclists neglect: stretching. Since I are likely to additionally neglect that facet of my health, I consulted an excellent pal of mine, Elise Yanover, who has been a registered physiotherapist in Toronto for the final 29 years to collect some extra detailed info.


Why is Stretching Vital?

As our muscle groups carry out their obligation of flexing or extending joints in our physique, they both contract (shorten), or prolong (lengthen). Elise talked about that each muscle in our physique performs optimally or most effectively at a given size, relying on the joint that it acts on. If the muscle turns into both too tight or too unfastened, the muscle now not works as effectively because it ought to.

When persevering with my dialog with Elise about optimum muscle size & effectivity, she referred to biking as a contracting exercise. The first movement accountable for pushing you ahead in your bike is knee extension, carried out by the quadriceps muscle groups. Over the course of a motorcycle experience, your quads carry out tons of or hundreds of contractions over the course of many kilometers, which causes your quads to shorten in size. On the finish of the experience, these muscle groups must be lengthened once more with some stretching! Due to this fact, stretching doesn’t essentially make you a stronger rider by rising your FTP; quite, stretching aids within the restoration course of & helps put together you in your subsequent experience.

How A lot Do I Have to Stretch?

As I chatted with Elise on the cellphone, I requested her how a lot stretching somebody who doesn’t ever usually stretch – like myself – must be doing after a experience. Fortuitously, her reply was “not that a lot!” There appears to be some false impression about how lengthy stretching must be. You do not have to spend 45 min of your day laying down and stretching each muscle in your physique. Actually, Elise mentions that her stretch routing is usually as quick as 5 min whereas she patiently waits for her experience to add to Strava. Even higher, your complete routine may be carried out whereas standing!

Nevertheless, she was fast to level out that precisely how a lot it’s good to stretch will rely on plenty of components. Individuals who have extra sedentary jobs could discover a bit of further stretching useful, in comparison with individuals with extra lively jobs.


Easy Stretching Routine

Instantly following that line of considering, I requested Elise what are the important stretches to start out with, particularly for many who don’t have a correct stretching routine in place. Because the objective of stretching is to re-lengthen muscle groups which were shortened from kilometers of using, then the stretching routine ought to cowl the important thing muscle teams used whereas biking.

Her checklist of important stretches that may be carried out in roughly 5 minutes contains the Quads, Hamstrings, Hip Flexors, Calves, & IT Band. I’ll shortly reveal the routine beneath:


  1. Stand on one leg. For those who want assist, maintain onto one thing strong for assist, corresponding to a wall or railing.
  2. Bend your proper knee and convey your heel towards your buttock and attain in your ankle along with your hand.
  3. Arise straight and pull in your belly muscle groups. Attempt to maintain your knees subsequent to one another. Calm down your shoulders. As you maintain your leg within the bent place it is best to really feel the stretch alongside the entrance of your thigh and hip.
  4. Breathe deeply and maintain the stretch for 20-30 seconds, launch and repeat on the left leg, this time holding your ankle along with your proper hand.


  1. Arise straight along with your ft shoulder-width aside and arms overhead.
  2. Subsequent, bend ahead from the hips, reaching your fingers towards the ground. Your hips must be stacked over your ankles. Touching your toes is not the objective of this stretch. Solely go so far as you possibly can with out overly bending your knees – some slight bending is okay, however don’t bend them to go decrease – doing so will forestall your hamstrings from stretching!
  3. Maintain for 15 to 30 seconds earlier than bringing your higher physique again to a standing place.

Hip Flexors

  1. Stand with ft shoulder-width aside, and place your fingers in your hips.
  2. Step your proper foot again a couple of foot and a half.
  3. Bend your left knee barely, increase your proper heel off the bottom, and lean ahead a number of inches.
  4. On this place, squeeze your proper glute. You need to really feel a stretch alongside the highest of your thigh. Maintain for about 30 seconds.
  5. Change sides and repeat, this time putting your left leg again.


  1. Stand in a staggered stance subsequent to a wall. Place one foot near the wall and one a couple of foot again. You can even place your fingers on the wall if you happen to want further assist..
  2. Transfer your toes up in opposition to the wall and maintain your heel on the ground. Transfer your weight in the direction of your entrance foot – it is best to really feel the stretch within the decrease a part of the entrance leg.
  3. Maintain the stretch for about 30s, then swap sides and repeat the stretch.

IT Band

  1. From a standing place, cross your proper leg over in entrance of your left about shoulder-width aside. Press firmly into each ft.
  2. Subsequent, lean to your proper facet so far as your physique will permit. You need to really feel the stretch in your knee and outer hip. Place your left hand on a wall for added stability, if wanted.
  3. Maintain the stretch for about 30 seconds, then swap sides and repeat.



If you’re seeking to enhance your restoration in addition to make you a extra well-rounded athlete, it is best to actually embrace stretching as a part of your post-ride routine. Hopefully this text helps define why stretching is vital to re-lengthen your muscle groups after a experience and depart you feeling extra ready for the subsequent one. That’s all for this month – keep secure, experience quick, and I’ll see you subsequent month!

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