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As we become old we search solace previously. It’s not that the world turns into complicated; reasonably, it’s that the world turns into exhausting. I imply, what’s extra tedious than watching individuals youthful than you determine stuff you discovered years if not a long time in the past? Idiots! Whether or not it’s bikes or the rest, the cycle is similar: take one thing easy, fuck it up utterly, then construct a complete subculture round making it “easy” once more. The plain instance of this cycle is the complete first decade of the twenty first century:

Although it applies to just about every thing, together with in fact the return of the hybrid bicycle…sorry, I imply the appearance of the revolutionary new flat-bar gravel bike idea:

How foolish of me.

Anyway, maybe this future fatigue is subconsciously what despatched me again to my literary archives, the place I’ve discovered nice consolation within the phrases of Henry Miller, in addition to the data that he rode a motorbike with circulation-stopping pant cuff retention and a quill stem lengthy sufficient to make even Grant Petersen blush:

Certainly, it doesn’t matter what your age, there’s nice consolation to be discovered amid the trimmings of yesteryear. Take into account this younger whipper-snapper:

Unable to discover a bicycle gentle that complemented his mustache, he created his personal:

What spirit! When he wanted illumination, did he curse the darkness? No! He machined himself a lightweight with all of the heavy gear he simply occurred to have available, and now he rides round fixing mysteries:

What’s extra, he reconciled the previous with the current by making it rechargeable:

I sincerely hope his product succeeds and he can return his full consideration to keeping off the moths who a lot comply with him round continuously, salivating over his wool wardrobe.

In the meantime, the long run is downright terrifying. Think about, if you’ll, a dystopian hellscape by which you should scan your fingerprints so as to entry your disc brake-equipped bicycle:

Think about additionally the return of the hairnet

…solely you scan it to get “incentives:”

“We additionally needed to make the helmet form of IoT ‘ish. We’ve embedded within the helmet a extremely refined NFC chip, that along with our proprietary software program API and if embedded in scooter apps, could make operators create incentives for driving with helmet

I assume the best way this works is that if you happen to you’ve exceeded your carbon credit score allotment for the month you possibly can’t use the e-assist characteristic in your bicycle.


Very eerie certainly.



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