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What It Is + What It Can Inform You

The twelfth home is called the home of endings, give up, and the unconscious. Simply as the primary home pertains to beginnings and id, you possibly can consider the twelfth home as the ultimate realm or stage of the zodiac wheel.

As astrology professional Imani Quinn tells mbg, the twelfth home offers with the unconscious, the completion of cycles, and your shadow facet. “It is dominated by Pisces and Neptune, that are each centered round goals and delusions,” Quinn explains.

The twins notice that this home builds upon the earlier 11 homes, and due to its hyperlink to the unconscious and the creativeness, it may reveal details about the afterlife and dream areas. “As one of many extra hidden arenas within the chart, the twelfth home guidelines areas which are hidden or separated from society comparable to establishments, hospitals, jails, and retreats. It is also related to the artistic arts comparable to movie, dance, and poetry,” they clarify.

Individuals with distinguished twelfth home placements will probably be very receptive to shadow work, transformation, and metamorphosis, Quinn explains, saying “You are going to be an individual who can undergo a number of layers of transformation and rebirth, actually open to alter.”

When you’ve got your moon, Venus, or solar within the twelfth home, specifically, you are destined for a lifetime of transformation and progress. Here is somewhat bit extra about every of those key placements:



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